Sunday 10 March 2013

Missing in Action

Hi Everyone,
No I have not dropped off the face of the Earth.  I am very very busy packing up all my worldly goods & moving to a new house.  Lots of packing, organising etc... going on here.  I have been lumped with a lot more than expected so am totally snowed under.  Dont worry once I am in my new place and all unpacked ( I am guessing mid to late April) I will be back with a new enthusiasm.  I love my creating and my Stampin' Up! so stay tuned & check back in April.

What these guys don't realise is that this is just my craft room contents on their roof! 

Thanks for all your support & patience.
xx Tricia


  1. yes so true....that is just the craft room!

    looking forward to April/May when you are up and running. ciao for now.


  2. Hi Tricia, are you unpacked yet? Wanted to wish you all the best with that and I look forward to your next post. I've just passed on a Liebster Award to you. Please pop on over to my blog to collect and share. Carolyn xx

  3. What a lovely surprise Carolyn - Thanks so much! I'll pop on over and check it out now. xx Tricia

  4. You were able to fit all the contents of your Craft Room on that roof? Did you downsize? ;)