Friday 29 June 2012

Any one for cupcakes?

Well tomorrow is our BIG fundraiser event.  Lots to make, see and be inspired by.  My talented team of girls have been busy making lots of amazing things to sell and inspire the crafter in us all.

Here are the cupcake toppers we have made - these will be for sale for $7.50 on the day - great for a birthday party or fun event!

Princess toppers by Bron

Dino Roar Toppers by Tricia

Piggy toppers by Hanna & Konni

I Dig U Toppers by Tricia

Sheep toppers by Hanna & Konni

Butterfly Toppers by Robyn
These are just a few of our items on the "FOR SALE" table.  You have to be there to get your hands on them though so please do book in or just show up on the day....afterall it is TOMORROW!!!

Thanks For Looking,


  1. LOVE these Tricia! What a fab idea. All the best for your fundraiser tomorrow - hope it goes well, I'm sure it will. You girls have done so much work for it. Wish I could be there :)

  2. Thanks Simone. I could not have done it without my team - they are the best!