Monday 22 December 2014

12 Weeks Of Christmas:Week 11-Star Wreathes

Like I said in my last post, the stamp club ladies were coming to celebrate our Christmas party & to make their very own version of the star wreath I made. 

Here are a few photos of their creations…..

Leanne's Wreath Close Up

Monica's Wreath Close Up
Creation Station

Stamp Club Xmas Party
Another year of stamp clubs over.  I just wanted to say what a lovely group of supportive & gorgeous ladies these are.  I consider them all my good friends & look forward to another great year of stamp club fun!   I will be starting a new Stamp Club in April 2015.  These will run on a Monday & a Thursday night with a maximum of 8 ladies in each group.   I am moving house in March so the new stamp club will be in my new house….yet to be determined, but will be around the Torquay area still.

Thanks For Looking,

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